The quotas can limit the resources used by each role, category, group or user individually.

Types of quotas

There are a set of quotas that can be modified:

  • Desktops: Maximum number of desktops that can be created.
  • Running:: Maximum number of desktops that the user can have running at the same time.
  • Templates: Maximum number of templates that the user can create from their desktops.
  • Media (or Isos): Maximum number of media (isos/floppies) that the user can upload to the system.
  • CPUs: Maximum number of virtual CPUs that can be set to a desktop.
  • Memory: Maximum memory in MB that can be set to a desktop.

Effective quotas for user

A user is always being classified within a role, category and group, in that order of hierarchical priority. This means that the effective quotas for a user will be the most restrictive from top to down.

If we do modify quota for a user individually, then that quota will override the one that had before based on role, category and group hierarchy.